Use Cases

Free tier

The free tier offers a limited amount of resources with an unlimited duration. We design it to allow small personal project to being published in an easy way:

  • Static Web Page: Blogs, documentation, personal sites… You can use tools like: hugo, mkdocs, Jekyll etc… to build a container image and deploy in the platform.
  • Telegram Bot: You can develop a telegram bot backend, build a container and deploy it in the platform. More information about telegram bots here
  • Little APIs: If you’ve got an API is the perfect site to deploy it. We care about publishing your desired url with certificates making it high available.

Unlocked tier

Once you tried the platform and thinks this is a good way to use kubernetes, you can unlock some use cases:

  • Ephemeral environments on CI/CD systems: What if you want to test a change before applying it into the production/live environment? Read about this topic in the article we published at medium. You can create more than one isolated namespace at a time.
  • Stateful application: You can deploy an application like in an unlocked namespace. It needs a relational database to work and persitent volumes are available in the unlocked tier.
  • Medium size project: We know that not all projects fits into resources provided by free tier. Customize your resources at namespace creation time, you will pay only for your requested resources by minutes.

Tell us!

If you think about a use case that you want to share with the comunity, tweet us mentioning, write us at slack or open a merge request in the repository where lives this site.