List allowed domains in a namespace

In this endpoint you can discover the allowed domains in the namespace. Part of the custom-domains feature.





URL Params

You have to send as path parameter the name of the namespace:

  • namespace_name: [REQUIRED] Short name of the namespace.

Success Response

Code: 200

Content: ["*.my-user.apps.k8spin.cloud"]

Error Responses

  • If you don’t send the mandatory attribute:

    Code: 400 BAD REQUEST

    Content: { "error" : "No namespace_name provided" }

Sample Calls

$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer SAMPLE-TOKEN" https://api.k8spin.cloud/namespaces/my_own_namespace/domains

$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer SAMPLE-TOKEN" https://api.k8spin.cloud/namespaces/invalid_namespace/domains
  "reason": "The namespace does not exists",
  "status": 404